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We Have Helped Thousands Of People Lose Weight!

The Slim Active weight loss program is a simple and effective way of getting to your goal weight. It is built on core principles that see you enjoying success from the start.

Our Services (Headings are clickable to divert to our website for more information)

Body Analysis

This is to determine your target weight, in line with your body type, age, height and activity levels.

Ems Therapy

How can I lose weight with EMS Therapy?

Lymph Drainage

Detoxifying the body promotes weight loss.

Meal Plans / Nutrition

Our medically approved meal plans is easy to follow with no side effects – only enhancing your total well-being.

Cellulite Treatments

Scientific Definition of Cellulite

“Toxic Oedemantous FibroSclerotic SuperficialPanniculitis”

“Inflammation of the subcutaneous adipose tissue“

Body Contouring

Lipolysis, a safe, Very Effective and gentle method to sculpt targeted regions of your body.

Child Obesity

Slim Active focuses on education and treatment of child obesity by teaching our youngest patients how to make healthy eating choices and the value of each of the food Pyramid Food Groups.


Electro muscular Machines (EMS) is an alternative to conventional exercise that may prove beneficial in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

Online Weight Management System

This program was designed to help anyone lose weight and reducing health risk, without extreme exercising, shakes, or injections. .

Bride to be Weight Loss Program

Are you getting married soon? Do you want to look great in your wedding gown?





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