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Our Body Sculpt Doc Plan is for every woman & man who wants to boost your metabolism, reshape your body, lose bodyfat and gain confidence and to be healthier.">

Nutrition, Weight Loss & Training Experts

We are passionate and dedicated to our clients achieving results. We specialise in Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, Sports Nutrition and Body Sculpting for Men & Women. We create personalised Meal Plans for your Specific Goals, we will assist you to Lose Weight, Be Healthy And Feel Great. 

We are educate our clients how to eat healthily, lose weight and how to follow a healthy Lifestyle Eating Plan to maintain a Healthy Body.


Book your First Consultation & Body Assessment, which includes Goal Setting, a 1 hour Consultation. Thereafter we will create your Meal Plan for you, which you will collect in approximately 14 working days after your First Consultation. Our Fees include your First Consultation, your Meal Plan and your Meal Plan Collection Appointment as well as your First Follow-up Weight-in Appointment. Our Meal Plans are personalised Meal Plans created specifically for each client and their nutritional requirements and goals.

Please contact Kevin on 0826644108 or email us on if you would like to book your Appointment or to find out about our Fees.

Thereafter we also offer Follow-up Progress Weigh-in Appointments every 4 weeks (optional), to assist our Clients in staying Focus and Motivated to reach their Goals.

FULL BODY SCULPTING PLANS (Body Sculpting Meal Plan & Training Plan)

We specialise in Sculpting Healthy Bodies for Men and Women: Weight Loss & Lean Muscle gain, providing personalised Meal Plans and Training Programs to help you Change your Body, to gain Lean Muscle and lose Body fat.

Our Full Body Sculpting Plan includes First Consultation, your Body Sculpting Meal Plan & Body Sculpting Training Program, as well as your Meal Plan Collection Appointment, and your First Follow-up appointment. For more information about our Plans please contact Kevin.

Our Training Programs are either Gym or for Home Training for Men and Women, our programs are designed according to your Specific Goals, e.g. Weight Loss, Toning & Shaping and Muscle Gain for men, etc.

ORDER YOUR BODY SCULPTING PLAN ONLINE   – If you would like to Order your Body Sculpting Plan online then please contact us on our email or call us, then we will email you our Body Sculpting Plan Order Forms for you to complete. Once you have sent us your completed Order Forms Kevin we will prepare your Meal Plan for you, once your Personalised Meal Plan is ready we will email your plan to you & then courier your Meal Plan File (Hard Copy) to you. 

We look forward to assisting you with achieving your Health Goals.

Please email if you would like to find out more about our Services or if you would like to book your Consultation, on



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